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Mentoring Session


This mentoring session will focus on your current skill level and how to improve it.

We can work on a specific artwork of yours and I can paint over it if needed. Or I can look over your portfolio and see what can be anehanced. We will fit this session to your needs.

Dynamic anatomy, line art and motivation are my strengths that I can help you most with. Nonetheless we can cover colors, perspective and how to work with clients (talking prices, how to communicate) too. This can be applied to erotic art and non erotic art!

My experience:

Working 10 years as an freelance illustrator for comics, cover art for musicians and advertisement storyboards. Studied Illustration for 7 years as well.

What to bring:

  • Portfolio/ artworks (nothing fancy, just a bunch of your artworks!)
  • To give you a proper critique I’d need to know what your art goal is.

After the purchase I will contact you .


      • ca 60 minute video call via discord
      • Language: english or german
      • You can record the session